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The supplementary materials repository of the South African Journal of Geology. Beginning with Volume 103, these repository data supplement and expand on articles published in S. Afr. J. Geol. (2000—).

Supported are digital materials such as plain text, documents, worksheets, imagery, photos, videos; as well as primary data, tables, illustrations, figures, plates, appendices, posters. Materials in the Data Repository do not necessarily appear in printed copies of the journal. – use a Markdown reader / viewer (try a browser extension).

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[md] Metamorphic evolution for the Inyoni shear zone: Investigating the geodynamic evolution of a 3.20 Ga terrane boundary in the Barberton granitoid greenstone terrane, South Africa 1.6 KB
[xlsx] Supplemental-Table-1_1240009.xlsx Analytical measurements 30.1 KB
[tif] Supplemental-Figure-10_1240009.tif Graphical representation 594.7 KB
[tif] Supplemental-Figure-09_1240009.tif Graphical representation 523.9 KB
[tif] Supplemental-Figure-08_1240009.tif Graphical representation 582.5 KB
[tif] Supplemental-Figure-07_1240009.tif Graphical representation 406.3 KB
[tif] Supplemental-Figure-06_1240009.tif Graphical representation 533.8 KB
[tif] Supplemental-Figure-05_1240009.tif Graphical representation 443.7 KB
[tif] Supplemental-Figure-04_1240009.tif Graphical representation 587.2 KB
[tif] Supplemental-Figure-03_1240009.tif Graphical representation 517.7 KB
[tif] Supplemental-Figure-02_1240009.tif Graphical representation 407.8 KB
[tif] Supplemental-Figure-01_1240009.tif Graphical representation 750.8 KB
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