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This, the supplementary materials repository of the South African Journal of Geology. These repository data supplement and expand on articles (papers) published in S. Afr. J. Geol. Volume 103— (2000—).

Archived in the Data Repository are digital materials such as plain text, documents, worksheets, imagery, photos, videos; as well as primary data, tables, illustrations, figures, plates, appendices, posters.
Data Sharing ensures reproducible research; supported by funding organisations and institutions.

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Data Repository - S. Afr. J. Geol. (2000—)

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[dir] Oppermann_and-others_sajg.120.4.511.sup-mat Mobility and distribution of palladium and platinum in soils above Lower and Middle Group chromitites of the western Bushveld Complex, South Africa 2.6 MB
[dir] Makhubela_and-others_sajg.120.1.21.sup-mat Proterozoic 40Ar/39Ar ages from cave deposits of the Malapa, Sterkfontein and Dinaledi fossil sites, Cradle of Humankind, South Africa 841.5 KB
[dir] Huthmann_and-others_sajg.120.4.499.sup-mat The Sr isotopic stratigraphy of the far northern Bushveld Complex 144.1 KB
[dir] Cornell_and-others_sajg.120.4.525.sup-mat Microbeam U-Pb Zircon dating of the Makwassie Formation and underlying units in the Ventersdorp Supergroup of South Africa 228.6 KB
[dir] Chere_and-others_sajg.120.4.541.sup-mat Lateral and temporal variations of black shales across the southern Karoo Basin - Implications for shale gas exploration 57.3 KB
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