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The supplementary materials repository of the South African Journal of Geology. These repository data supplement and expand on articles (research papers) published in S. Afr. J. Geol. Volumes 103— starting with Dann (2000).

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Wagner_Mokwena_Kolker_sajg.124.0013.sup-mat Occurrence and probable source of chromium enrichment in Permian coals, South Africa 14.2 KB
Van-Schijndel_and-others_sajg.124.0011.sup-mat De Kraalen and Witrivier Greenstone Belts, Kaapvaal Craton, South Africa: Characterisation of the Palaeo-Mesoarchaean evolution by rutile and zircon U-Pb geochronology combined with Hf isotopes 964.3 KB
Stratford_Braun_Morrissey_sajg.124.0052.sup-mat Cave and rock shelter sediments of southern Africa: a review of the chronostratigraphic and palaeoenvironmental record from Marine Isotope Stage 1.1 MB
Rudolph_Hedding_Nel_sajg.124.0014.sup-mat The surface geology of the Prince Edward Islands: refined spatial data and call for geoconservation 1.4 MB
Reimann_and-others_sajg.124.0012.sup-mat Syndepositional hydrothermalism selectively preserves records of one of the earliest benthic ecosystems, Moodies Group (3.22 Ga), Barberton Greenstone Belt, South Africa 254.2 KB
Poujol_and-others_sajg.124.0004.sup-mat Archaean S-Type granites: petrology, geochemistry and geochronology of the Lekkersmaak and Willie plutons, Kaapvaal Craton, South Africa 25.1 KB
Owen-Smith_and-others_sajg.124.0034.sup-mat A neural network application to assess magma diversity in the Etendeka igneous province, Namibia 436.0 KB
Moyen_and-others_sajg.124.0005.sup-mat Multi-scale spatial distribution of K, Th and U in an Archaean potassic granite: a case study from the Heerenveen batholith, Barberton Granite-Greenstone Terrain, South Africa 27.4 MB
Lohmeier_and-others_sajg.124.0015.sup-mat Reprocessing potential of pegmatite tailings for rare metal extraction and brick fabrication, Uis, Namibia 2.7 MB
Linol_and-others_sajg.124.0045.sup-mat Towards disentangling climatic and tectonic changes of southernmost Africa using strontium isotope stratigraphy and clumped isotope thermometry 2.6 MB
Jelsma_Nesbitt_Fanning_sajg.124.0020.sup-mat Exploring our current understanding of the geological evolution and mineral endowment of the Zimbabwe Craton 50.4 KB
Grosch_Slama_sajg.124.0036.sup-mat On the volcanic architecture, petrology and geodynamic setting of the 3.48 Ga Barberton komatiite suite, South Africa 601.8 KB
Gardiner_and-others_sajg.124.0010.sup-mat Palaeoarchaean TTGs of the Pilbara and Kaapvaal cratons compared; an early Vaalbara supercraton evaluated 48.7 KB
Doggart_Macey_Frei_sajg.124.0041.sup-mat Lithostratigraphy of the Mesoproterozoic Twakputs Gneiss 111.2 KB
De-Wit_and-others_sajg.124.0048.sup-mat Geochemical reconnaissance of the Guera and Ouaddai Massifs in Chad: evolution of Proterozoic crust in the Central Sahara Shield 6.8 MB
Cutts_and-others_sajg.124.0009.sup-mat Metamorphic evolution for the Inyoni shear zone: Investigating the geodynamic evolution of a 3.20 Ga terrane boundary in the Barberton granitoid greenstone terrane, South Africa 5.3 MB
Bolhar_and-others_sajg.124.0042.sup-mat A LA-ICPMS zircon record of magmatic crystallization and compositional alteration in meta-igneous rocks of the eastern Kaapvaal Craton 144.7 KB
Avery_sajg.124.0035.sup-mat Micromammals and the Late Quaternary of southern Africa 52.7 KB
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