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The supplementary materials repository of the South African Journal of Geology. These repository data supplement and expand on articles (research papers) published in S. Afr. J. Geol. Volumes 103— starting with Dann (2000).

Archived in the Data Repository are digital materials such as plain text, documents, worksheets, imagery, photos, videos; as well as primary data, tables, illustrations, figures, plates, appendices, posters. Data Sharing ensures reproducible research; supported by funding organisations and institutions. files — view as plain text or use a Markdown reader viewer (try a browser extension).

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Vonopartis_and-others_sajg.125.0006.sup-mat [dir] Combined satellite and portable XRF exploration mapping of the Zaaiplaats tin field, South Africa 231.4 KB
Van-Niekerk_and-others_sajg.125.0003.sup-mat [dir] Provenance of metasedimentary rocks of the Kheis Terrane and Kakamas Domain: support for accretionary tectonics during the development of the western Namaqua-Natal metamorphic province 18.7 MB
Tshiningayamwe_Bolhar_Nex_sajg.125.0021.sup-mat [dir] A zircon trace element and Hf isotope geochemical study of syenites and carbonatite, exemplified by the Epembe alkaline carbonatite complex, Namibia 25.9 KB
Tau_and-others_sajg.125.0013.sup-mat [dir] The petrogenesis and emplacement mechanism of layered ultramafic-mafic complexes of the Barberton Greenstone Belt: Insights from the Stolzburg Complex, South Africa 41.3 KB
Muedi_and-others_sajg.125.0009.sup-mat [dir] Constraining the timescales of mafic magmatism of the Central Karoo Large Igneous Province using high precision U-Pb zircon geochronology 9.8 MB
Mansour_and-others_sajg.125.0023.sup-mat [dir] Palynomorph composition and palynofacies analysis of the Cenomanian Bahariya Formation in the north Western Desert of Egypt: Depositional palaeoenvironment and sequence stratigraphic implications 70.0 KB
Le-Bras_and-others_sajg.125.0015.sup-mat [dir] Applying U-Pb chronometry and trace element geochemistry of apatite to carbonatite-phoscorite complexes - as exemplified by the 2.06 Ga Phalaborwa Complex, South Africa 38.7 KB
Kotze_and-others_sajg.125.0020.sup-mat [dir] The influence of humic substances on the weathering of PGE in chromitite of the Bushveld Complex: An experimental simulation of the weathering environment 118.8 KB
Jones_Scheiber-Enslin_sajg.125.0022.sup-mat [dir] Heat flow in the Main Karoo Basin, South Africa 64.2 KB
Hofmann_and-others_sajg.125.0005.sup-mat [dir] 3.63 Ga grey gneisses reveal the Eoarchaean history of the Zimbabwe craton 111.4 KB
Hoehn_and-others_sajg.125.0018.sup-mat [dir] The depositional environment of the Koeris Formation in the Aggeneys-Gamsberg ore district, South Africa 2.1 MB
Elburg_Cairncross_sajg.125.0007.sup-mat [dir] Controls on the geochemistry of southern African prehnite 135.6 KB
Cornell_and-others_sajg.125.0024.sup-mat [dir] New constraints on the age of ore at Black Mountain mine, Bushmanland Ore District, South Africa 3.8 MB
Cawthorn_sajg.125.0010.sup-mat [dir] Lateral uniformity of the Pyroxenite Marker Transition in the western Bushveld Complex, South Africa 66.9 KB
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