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The supplementary materials repository of the South African Journal of Geology. Data sharing ensures transparency and openess, and is required by some funding organisations and institutions. Beginning with Volume 103, these repository data supplement and expand on papers (articles) published in S. Afr. J. Geol. (2000—). N.b., not all papers have supplementary materials in the Data Repository.

Supported are digital materials such as plain text, documents, worksheets, imagery, photos, videos; as well as primary data, tables, illustrations, figures, plates, appendices, posters. – use a Markdown reader / viewer (try a browser extension).

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[dir] Bailie_Armstrong_Reid_sajg.110.1.87.sup-mat Composition and single zircon U-Pb emplacement and metamorphic ages of the Aggeneys Granite Suite, Bushmanland, South Africa 97.2 KB
[dir] Bailie_Armstrong_Reid_sajg.110.1.59.sup-mat The Bushmanland Group supracrustal succession, Aggeneys, Bushmanland, South Africa: Provenance, age of deposition and metamorphism 43.2 KB
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