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This, the supplementary materials repository of the South African Journal of Geology. These repository data supplement and expand on articles (papers) published in S. Afr. J. Geol. Volume 103— (2000—).

Archived in the Data Repository are digital materials such as plain text, documents, worksheets, imagery, photos, videos; as well as primary data, tables, illustrations, figures, plates, appendices, posters.
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Data Repository - S. Afr. J. Geol. (2000—)

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[dir] Twala_Roberts_Munghemezulu_sajg.123.0041.sup-mat Detection of magnetite in the Roossenekal area of the Eastern Bushveld Complex, South Africa, using multispectral remote sensing data 25.2 KB
[dir] Smith_and-others_sajg.123.0009.sup-mat Introduction to the tetrapod biozonation of the Karoo Supergroup 2.9 MB
[dir] Neumann_and-others_sajg.123.0003.sup-mat Co-existing low-Ti and high-Ti dolerites in two large dykes in the Gap Dyke swarm, southeastern Karoo Basin (South Africa) 74.2 KB
[dir] Kotze_Gauert_sajg.123.0033.sup-mat Detection of magnetite in the Roossenekal area of the Eastern Bushveld Complex, South Africa, using multispectral remote sensing data 61.6 KB
[dir] Humbert_and-others_sajg.123.0039.sup-mat A ~1.4 Ga alkaline mafic sill from the Carletonville area: connection to the Pilanesberg Alkaline Province? 66.5 KB
[dir] Hofmann_and-others_sajg.123.0019.sup-mat Granitoids and greenstones in White Mfolozi Inlier, southeast Kaapvaal Craton 116.1 KB
[dir] Elburg_Poujol_sajg.123.0025.sup-mat Lu-Hf analyses of zircon from the Makoppa Dome and Amalia-Kraaipan area: implications for evolution of the Kimberley and Pietersburg blocks of the Kaapvaal Craton 262.1 KB
[dir] De-Wit_and-others_sajg.123.0021.sup-mat Pillow Talk: Volcanic rocks of the Karoo that formed many leagues under the Gondwanan Sea 45.8 KB
[dir] De-Kock_and-others_sajg.123.0001.sup-mat Geochemistry of Paleoproterozoic saprolite developed in diabase intruding the Hotazel Formation in the Avontuur deposit of the Kalahari Manganese Field, South Africa 20.8 KB
[dir] Cornell_and-others_sajg.123.0040.sup-mat Dating of Guperas Formation rhyolites changes the stratigraphy of the Mesoproterozoic Sinclair Supergroup of Namibia 275.8 KB
[dir] Clemens_and-others_sajg.123.0004.sup-mat Magmatic clasts in the Saldanha ignimbrites, and Trekoskraal beach pebbles: missing pieces from the volcanic puzzle in the Cape Granite Suite 672.5 KB
[dir] Bourdeau_and-others_sajg.123.0020.sup-mat Field, petrographical and geochemical characterization of a layered anorthosite sequence in the Upper Main Zone of the Bushveld Complex 1.2 MB
[dir] Andersen_Elburg_Lehmann_sajg.123.0022.sup-mat Enigmatic provenance signature of sandstone from the Okwa Group, Botswana 356.2 KB
[dir] Andersen_Botha_Elburg_sajg.123.0023.sup-mat A late Mesozoic - early Cenozoic sedimentary recycling system on the Gondwana rifted margin of southeast Africa 1.2 MB
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